Daily Smiley: Dancing On My Own

31 Mar

Smiley:  You forgot to send out the Daily Smiley yesterday.  “I was out dancing!  What happened to your mental alarm?  I guess I hit the snooze!!!”

Today’s Daily Smiley reminds us that dancing is a positive force.  Dancing encourages love of others and love of self.  Studies show that dancing increases one’s capacity to do good for others by 12.8%.  I just made that up.  But it might be true. Why?  Because when you dance you maximize the energy you send out to rest of the world.  Now, I love dancing with other people.   There’s nothing like a whole room of people bouncing up and down to Michael Jackson or Rihanna or M83.   But, my favorite time to dance is solo.  I like to dance by myself.  In my room, on a run (seriously- try this next time you’re running), or just out and about in the sunshine.  When you dance by yourself it’s like the world shakes and anything is possibile!

So, enjoy your weekend, and no matter what your favorite music is or where you are or what you are doing, JUST DANCE.


One Response to “Daily Smiley: Dancing On My Own”

  1. ej April 6, 2012 at 2:28 am #

    love it.

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